Lisa Anderson

Lisa is director of young adults for Focus on the Family and manages the ministry Boundless with the goal of helping 20- and 30-somethings navigate adulthood, own their faith, date with purpose, and prepare for marriage and family. She is the author of The Dating Manifesto: A Drama-Free Plan for Pursuing Marriage with Purpose and hosts The Boundless Show, a national radio program and weekly podcast. Lisa grew up in California, went to school in Chicago, and has lived on Capitol Hill and with billionaires in Paraguay. She now calls Colorado her home and enjoys hiking, cruising the Caribbean, and eating pastries.

Heather Holleman

Heather is an associate teaching professor at Penn State University and has won numerous teaching awards in the last 20 years. She loves helping others connect with Jesus and has written eight books, including the bestseller Seated with Christ: Living Freely in a Culture of Comparison and Sent: Living a Life That Invites Others to Jesus, which was cowritten with her husband, Ashley Holleman. She also serves with Faculty Commons in the graduate-student ministry of Cru. Heather has two daughters, three cats and has a daily blog.

Nancy Kane

Nancy is a writer, professor, therapist, speaker, and church consultant. She serves as the program director of the Christian Spiritual Formation Certificate program at Moody Bible Institute. Nancy is the author of Stages of the Soul—God’s Invitation to Greater Love (Moody Publishers) and co-author of From Fear to Love: Overcoming Obstacles to Healthy Relationships (Moody Publishers) with her husband, Ray. Nancy earned her master’s in education from Northern Illinois University and is a licensed clinical professional counselor in the state of Illinois. Nancy and Ray have two children.

Gayla Grace

Gayla serves on staff with FamilyLife Blended, a division of FamilyLife, and is the founder of Stepparenting with Grace and cofounder of Sisterhood of Stepmoms. She is a writer, speaker, and coach for stepfamilies and desires to equip blended families for life together. Gayla wrote Stepparenting with Grace: A Devotional for Blended Families and is the co-author of Quiet Moments for the Stepmom Soul and Unwrapping the Gift of Stepfamily Peace. She has a master’s degree in psychology and counseling, and is the birth mother of three children and stepmom of two. Gayla and her family live in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Jannelle Nevels Emcee

Jannelle is a cohost of Brian and Janelle Mornings on WCRF every weekday and manages the family’s real estate business in Hudson. She was born in the Dominican Republic and grew up in Providence, Rhode Island. She attended Oberlin College and then earned a degree in mechanical engineering from Case Western Reserve University. She has been a contributor to the radio program Pause for Prayer since 2012. Jannelle and her husband have six children, whom she homeschools.

Book Giveaway

Seated With Christ: Living Freely in a Culture of Comparison 

Written By: Heather Holleman

As Christians find themselves trapped in the rhetoric of platform, influence, retweets, and fame, they need a ladder out of the fray. Many of us live in a prison of self-absorption. Shackled with pride and despair, we compare ourselves to others constantly in our frantic, unending pursuit of perfection.

Seated with Christ gets to the root of this behavior and charts a path to freedom.

Scripture says that God's beloved are seated with Christ in the heavens (Eph. 2:6), treasured by Him and given a place at His table. Heather Holleman unveils what this means for us. It means we walk out on the fight for acceptance. We quit measuring ourselves to others.We leap free from cycles of shame.

Securely-seated people can ask themselves hard questions about their lives; they can deal with sin, grieve their losses, and move forward in hope. From a position of security and self-forgetfulness they can joyfully do the good works prepared for them uniquely. They can even celebrate the successes of others. 

Seated with Christ is a deeply personal, liberating look at a glorious truth: that we have a place at God's eternal table.

*Because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we are closely monitoring the State and Federal guidelines. We will be offering an in-person option (limited seating) for the conference and following our host location’s guidelines for in person capacity. We are still offering a digital ticket as well*


If you are attending digitally - Links for the Conference and digital book download will be emailed 2-3 days prior to the event.

Due to COVID-19 the Moody Conferences team is working remotely. Because of this, we cannot be reached directly by phone and ask that you send in your query by email to conferences@moody.edu. Should you prefer to leave a voicemail, you can call 312-329-4407 and someone will call you back at our earliest convenience. Our team will be prompt in our reply and getting information to you. We thank you in advance for your patience. 

  • Price of ticket includes: registration, continental breakfast, catered lunch, tote bag, and a free Moody Publishers book.(Limited Supply) Sept. 18th

  • Includes: registration and a free Moody Publishers book download.

These Terms and Conditions for Conference Attendees constitute the terms governing attendees’ (each, the “Attendee”) attendance at and/or participation in Renew Conference 2021 on [September 18th 2021] at [In-Person & DIGITAL EVENT] (the “Event”). By registering for or attending the Event, Attendee agrees to these Terms and Conditions for Conference Attendees, which form a legally binding contract (the “Agreement”) between The Moody Bible Institute of Chicago (“MBI”) and the Attendee. If you register on behalf of another individual, it is your responsibility to ensure the individual attending is aware of these terms and accepts them. By completing the registration on behalf of another individual, you are warranting that you have made the attendee or participant aware of these terms and that they have accepted these terms.

1. Attendee Requirements and Responsibilities
1.1. Payment and Taxes. The payment of any applicable fees for the Event is due upon registration. If such payment is insufficient or declined for any reason MBI may refuse to admit you to the Event and shall have no liability for such refusal. The fees may be subject sales tax, value added tax, or other taxes and duties which, if applicable, will be charged to you in addition to the fees.
1.2. Admittance. To the extent the Event requires registration, Attendee’s Event registration entitles Attendee only to admittance to the Event. Any and all other costs associated with attendance (including, without limitation, travel and accommodation costs if applicable) shall be borne solely by Attendee, and MBI shall have no liability for such costs.
1.3. Limitations on Use. By registering for a Event offered in a virtual format, Attendee agrees not to sell, trade, transfer, or share Attendee’s access link and/or code. If MBI determines that Attendee has violated this policy, MBI may, in its sole discretion, cancel Attendee’s access, retain any payments made by Attendee, report Attendee to law enforcement authorities, and ban Attendee from future Events.
1.4. Use of Likeness. By attending the Event, Attendee hereby consents and grants MBI and its officers, trustees, employees, agents, representatives, contractors, licensees, successors and assigns the irremovable, perpetual, worldwide right, and the right to permit others, to: (a) photograph, video, film, digitally image, or record statements, or otherwise capture permanently in any form, format, medium, or media now known or later developed (including, but not limited to, radio broadcasting, television broadcasting, Internet, satellite, podcasting, video, streaming media, DVD, CD, MP3 or other digital and electronic formats) (the foregoing are collectively, the “medium or format”) Attendee’s, image, likeness, identity, voice, words, verbal expressions, or other depiction (collectively, the “Images”); and (b) use, publish, stream, broadcast, reproduce, license, distribute, sell, edit, crop, retouch, revise, modify, publicly perform and/or produce derivative works from all or any portions of the Images for any purpose, including, without limitation, educational, advertisement, promotional, fund-raising, print and web-based publications associated with the MBI, or other related uses, in any format or media now known or later developed. Attendee understands that the MBI may use such Images with or without associating names thereto and that all right, title and interest, including, without limitation all copyrights, in the Images will be owned exclusively by the MBI. Attendee further waives any right to inspect the final Images and any claim for compensation of any kind for the MBI’s use or publication of the Images.
1.5. Attendee Identification. To the extent MBI issues registration badges to participate in the Event, Attendee must wear a registration badge at all times during the Event. Access to the Event facilities will not be granted to those without a registration badge. If an Attendee loses, misplaces, or forgets his or her registration badge, a replacement fee of $50.00 will be charged for the creation of a new registration badge. Once the new registration badge is released to the Attendee, the lost registration badge will become invalid.
1.6. While on MBI’s premises, or at the Event, all Attendees and their invitees must comply with all applicable laws and regulations, these Terms and Conditions, and all relevant or applicable MBI policies and/or rules.

2. Prohibited Conduct
2.1. Disruptive Conduct. Attendees shall conduct themselves and dress in an appropriate and professional manner, and shall not engage in harassment or any other conduct that tends to shock, insult or offend the community, morals as defined by the public or by scripture, or Biblical virtues, or that contradicts MBI’s doctrinal statement and/or beliefs available at https://www.moodyglobal.org/beliefs/. Attendees understand and agree that Attendees are subject to MBI’s Title IX Policy and Complaint Procedure available at https://www.moody.edu/about/reports-and-policies/title-ix/. Attendees and/or their invitees also shall not behave in an unsafe or careless manner. MBI reserves the right to determine, in its sole discretion, whether any Attendee’s character, behavior and/or attire is acceptable, and may eject any person not exhibiting acceptable character, behavior or attire, including, without limitation, any conduct prohibited by these Terms and Conditions, from the Event with or without refunding any fees paid by Attendee under this Agreement.
2.2. Photography and Recording. The film, photography, and other recording rights for the Event are reserved exclusively to MBI, and Attendee agrees that Attendee shall not film, photograph, or otherwise record or capture permanently all or any part of the Event in any form, format, or media, without MBI’s prior written consent.
2.3. Other prohibited conduct. If the Event is a live, in-person gathering, Attendees shall refrain from the following: use or consumption of alcohol, illicit drugs, or smoking; use of bicycles, skateboards, or vehicles of any kind in the plaza during the Event; use or possession of firearms; activities causing disruptive noise; bringing pets to the Event; advertisements or solicitation of other attendees without express written permission from MBI.
2.4. If the Event is a live, in- person gathering, MBI reserves the right to inspect bags, clothing, and/or other articles brought on MBI’s premises and prohibit entry to the Event or require removal of any items that MBI determines are inappropriate, potentially injurious, or not permitted by these Terms and Conditions.

3. Cancellation and Force Majeure
3.1. All Event registration sales are final and nonrefundable, expect as provided in Section 3.2.
3.2. MBI may cancel the Event and/or terminate this Agreement at any time upon prior written notice to Attendee. If the Event is cancelled by MBI for its convenience, Attendee will receive a full refund of any registration fees paid under this Agreement.
Notwithstanding any cancellation, termination or other provision in this Agreement, MBI shall not be liable or responsible to Attendee, nor be deemed to have defaulted under or breached this Agreement, for any failure or delay in fulfilling or performing any term of this Agreement, when and to the extent such failure or delay is caused by or results from acts beyond MBI’s reasonable control, including, without limitation, the following force majeure events: (a) acts of God; (b) flood, fire, earthquake, explosion or other potential disaster(s) or catastrophe(s), such as pandemics or epidemics, or explosion; (c) war, invasion, hostilities, terrorist threats or acts, riot or other civil unrest; (d) government order, law, or actions; (e) national or regional emergency; (g) strikes, labor stoppages or slowdowns or other industrial disturbances; (h) shortage of adequate power or transportation facilities; and (i) other similar events beyond the reasonable control of MBI making it inadvisable, illegal or impossible to perform its obligations under this Agreement.
4. Intellectual Property
4.1. All intellectual property rights in and to the Event, the Event content, and all materials distributed at or in connection with the Event, including any links to livestreamed or recorded content, are owned by MBI or the Event sponsors or speakers presenting at the Event. You may not use or reproduce or allow any third party to use or reproduce any intellectual property, including, without limitation, trademarks, trade names, service marks, or copyrighted content, from the Event, or any other materials distributed at or in connection with the Event for any reason without the prior written permission of MBI.

5. Disclaimer of Warranties, Limitation of Liability, and Indemnities
5.1. MBI gives no warranties with respect to any aspect of the Event or any materials related thereto or offered at the Event and, to the fullest extent possible under the laws governing this Agreement, disclaims all implied warranties, including but not limited to warranties of fitness for a particular purpose, accuracy, timeliness, and merchantability. The Event is provided on an “as-is” basis. MBI does not accept any responsibility or liability for reliance by Attendee or any person on any aspect of the Event or any information provided at the Event.
5.2. In no event will MBI be liable for any indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages, including loss of profits, revenue, data, or use, incurred by either party or any third party, whether in an action in Agreement or tort, even if MBI or any other person has been advised of the possibility of such damages. In no event will MBI’s total aggregate liability to Attendee for any claim in any way connected with, or arising from, the Event or this Agreement, whether in contract, tort, or otherwise (including any negligent act or omission), exceed an amount equal to the total fees paid to MBI to attend the Event.
5.3. To the extent permitted by law, the Attendee agrees to protect, indemnify, save, defend and hold harmless MBI and its officers, trustees, employees and agents (the “Indemnified Parties”), from and against any and all liabilities, obligations, claims, damages causes of action, costs and expenses, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, for which the Indemnified Parties may become obligated as a result of any accident, injury, death, loss or damage to property (collectively, “Damages”), including, without limitation, Losses to Attendee or an invitee of Attendee, arising from Attendee’s breach of any provision of this Agreement, Attendee’s acts or omissions, or directly or indirectly in conjunction with or under, or as a result of Attendee’s participation in the Event or presence on MBI’s premises.

6. Miscellaneous
6.1. These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of Illinois, without respect to conflict of law principles. The parties further stipulate to the exclusive jurisdiction in personam and venue of the State courts located in the City of Chicago, County of Cook, State of Illinois with respect to all disputes arising pursuant to this Agreement.
6.2. This Agreement constitutes the entire understanding between the parties as to the subject matter hereof and supersedes any prior representations, warranties, understandings or agreements relating thereto whether written or oral, and may not be modified or amended except by a written agreement signed by the parties.

7. Privacy, Sharing Your Information
7.1. By registering for this event and providing MBI with your information, you agree to accept MBI’s Terms of Use, available at https://www.moody.edu/terms-of-use, and MBI’s Privacy Policy, available at https://www.moody.edu/privacy-policy

I have read, understand, and agree to the foregoing Terms and Conditions for Conference Attendees

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  • Canton Baptist Temple
  • 515 Whipple Ave NW, Canton, OH, 44708 US

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